May Update

We have finished the switchovers! At long last, Drupal is no more and all of you are successfully on the WordPress platform. We are doing away with the [email protected] email address that we set up temporarily to field questions for the switchover (we’ll be forwarding all mail to this address to [email protected]). In the future please either use the contact forms on this site or direct all correspondence to [email protected].

We have also run into a few things that I’d like to make notes on. First, any time you change the contact email address on the administrator account OR on the site settings General Settings page, you will HAVE to verify the email change or it will not take effect. The site will send a confirmation email to the new address that you set and you will need to click the link in that email to complete the change. I mention this because many of your sites have a pending email address change that has never been confirmed. Please log into your accounts and check the site email on the General Settings page and the email setting on your administrator account profile page to make sure it is correct and that it doesn’t have a message prompting you to verify the change. This is important because many of your sites are still set to my email address (from when I did the initial installation of WordPress). This means I’m getting all of the emails that are meant for you.

Next up, in the tutorials as well as verbally to a few of you, I mistakenly recommended that you delete our administrator account from your site for security purposes. In hind-sight, this was a bad idea. If you delete our administrator account, we will not be able to help you if you get locked out of your site. Our only option would be to delete your site and start from scratch. While having multiple administrator accounts is typically not recommended, in this case, if you want us to be able to provide tech support and lockout protection for your site, you will need to keep our administrator account on there. If you feel confident that you will not need our help in that manner, feel free to go ahead and delete our account.

Please continue to use the tutorials and contact forms as you need. They will be available to you from now on.