Text Widget Woes

Most of you have at least one widget on your home page that lists your service times. Many of you have additional text-based widgets. This note is for all of you. A year ago, WordPress’ Text widget did not have a WYSIWYG editor in it. It was text only. Since we initially started the process of switching your sites over, WordPress has added WYSIWYG functionality to the Text widget. In order to also continue allowing html code to be typed in a text widget, WordPress also added a Custom HTML widget that is separate from the Text widget. Because when we originally created your service times widget, there was no WYSIWYG functionality, we had to use html code to style those widgets. They will still continue to work just fine like that, but if you need to edit or change the widget in any way, please use the following steps to convert over to using the newer WYSIWYG text widget:

  1. If you wish to keep the textual content of the original widget, I would recommend copying all of that text from where it is displayed on the home page into a notepad document (Notepad is a basic text editor that is included in Windows.)
  2. Delete the original text widget in the widget edit interface by grabbing it from the sidebar (or footer) area and dragging it over to the left (Available Widgets) area and dropping it.
  3. Drag the new Text Widget from the Available Widgets area back onto your sidebar (or footer) and edit the text as desired in the WYSIWYG content editor. (Copy and paste the content from notepad into the WYSIWYG editor if applicable)